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Into Computers? Love to Learn? Get a computer education with us!

CS College Degree

2 – 4 Years Of Classes


  • Potentially good information on diverse subjects
  • Fancy Certificate that looks good on your resume
  • Respect from your parents


  • Potentially outdated information from books written years ago
  • Expensive: Easily spend $40,000+ for a 4 year degree
  • No real-world work experience, just some labs
  • No training on other aspects of running an established business
  • Takes 2-4 Years!
  • Still have to start at the bottom once you graduate




Action Computers

教育 & Employment Program


  • Get paid to learn and leave the thousands of dollars in tuition behind
  • Learn up to the minute tools and techniques
  • Hands-on experience solving current problems
  • Fun and friendly work environment with lots of growth potential
  • Learn many other aspects of running an establish multi-million dollar business
  • 无需等待! Get started today!


  • Requires Strong work ethic, 诚实 and reliability
  • Not everyone makes the cut

A CS degree at a 4-year college can easily run upwards of $40,000. 太频繁, the 5-year-old curriculum was written by the guy teaching the class and selling his book to you. The computer industry moves a lot faster than that, and to stay current, you need to work on what’s happening today, instead of things that went out of style years ago.

Learn computers and get paid for it!

Action Computers offers more than just a job. Our technician apprentices learn on modern computers, fixing today’s problems and getting paid for it. We invest significant time and training into each of our apprentices, giving them a solid, professional education on real world, live problems, not some contrived exercises from a book.

除了, our apprentices get hands-on training on many aspects of running a real-world, multimillion dollar company that has been around for well over 20 years. The skills they obtain will prepare them for high-end, professional careers in the IT and business sectors.

Who are we looking for?

Our focus on training and teaching launches our apprentices into the IT industry. Given our investment in each employee, we are looking for candidates that will take the opportunity seriously and have the intangible skills that we can’t teach, for example work ethic, 诚实, 忠诚, 和更多的.

Those who take the opportunity seriously and apply themselves to the training will benefit the most in the form of increased education, more responsibility, higher pay and performance-based bonuses.

Interested and want to join?

把你的 Completed Application and Current Resume to the South 丹佛 location at 2890 S Colorado Blvd. Ask for Jeff or Mike B.

Do you have more questions?

Action Computers is easy to reach. Call us, send us an email, or check us out on the web!

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Ask for Jeff or Mike B