DJ1 Phantom Quadcopter Drone in flight - September 2014 Photo by: Paul Mayall/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Drones are the most advanced in the fields of aeronautics, robots and even electronics . In the military they usually called unmanned aerial vehicles which take different shapes and size depending with the purpose they meant for. Usually they are controlled by remote from the ground even some are linked with smartphones to help you control without a remote. Basically drones were meant for military purposes in areas where manned flight is considered risky and to do spying to terrorist But currently they are carrying out a number of tusks in the hands of civilians where drone producing companies have decided to design affordable and civilian friendly drones.

When it comes to surveillance and intelligence operation its the best because they tend to remove direct contact of man to the scene where you want to get the information. Take for example the intelligence personnel wants to get photographs and secret information a terror group then this is the best because the drone will collect everything without the target group knowing. Hence this this outlines the changes the drone has brought to the military world. In addition, the military uses to for bombs and dangerous devices like the landmines on roads and landing areas especially in war times.

When it comes to civilians, the drones that are used are small and are programmed to carry out minor tusks. For example they are being used to measure environmental conditions, monitor crop health, do surveillance in wildlife population and other social life like taking photographs. When it comes to wildlife monitoring they are the best because they are used as anti-poaching spy where it give the report on who is poaching and the necessary measures are taken immediately.

With social life the drone is even becoming amazing and exciting. Popular application that have got public surprised is the use of drone in entertainment and games, delivering food stuffs and even advertisement. Like Coca Cola uses them to do marketing not forgetting Amazon, Dominos pizza and other companies uses them to deliver some items When the laws about use of drone become flexible they get more uses in civilian hands .Though they can perform number of tusks the law has limited its use due to security reasons.

In the world of social media it is increasingly take its stake this is because of its ability to take photos and videos. We are living in the era where photograph is part and parcel of our a daily chores hence when it comes to picnic and partying drones automatically comes on the shopping list.

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